React on time upon failures and improve your actuations

Operate remotely any device or machine

Operate many devices simultaneously

You may act against one or many devices simultaneously, even if they have different protocols.


Multiple step operations

Most of the operations we want to execute are not atomic, requiring several steps at a time. With OpenGate each operation may have different step configured


Program maintenance campaigns through time with our powerful scheduler


Retreive information on the performance of the programmed executions


Software update and remote configuration


Increase security keeping devices updated

IoT Platform OpenGate can selectively update devices with old firmware or software

Create bundles with your specific configuration

Each software bundle will fit different IoT scenarios and devices. OpenGate let’s you define easily your configuration

Reduce installation times with auto commisioning

Run your devices with a seed firmware, and let OpenGate automatically update to his correct version and configuration


Integrate any device in your business processes

Because it is not only acting, but also having the business working smoothly, OpenGate provides tools to integrate corporate workflows and systems

Pre-defined set of operations

Zero development for standard operations like rebooting, reseting, refreshing information or time synchronization.

Applied for devices

Devices interact with OpenGate through MQTT, Telnet, Https, or any other protocol that can be added to the server. Over this protocols, operations can be ordered and tracked:


 "operation": {
     "response": {
     "timestamp": 1432454278000,
     "name": 'REBOOT_EQUIPMENT',
     "id": "072b08d1-0fcb-4a0c-a2d8-99773f9b9327",
     "resultCode": "SUCCESSFUL",

Learn more in our Developer’s center

APIs for applications

OpenGate provides a powerful API to send operations from your ERPs, CRMs or any other corporate application:

"job" :
     "request" : {
     "name" : "RESET_EQUIPMENT",
     "parameters": [ 

Learn more in our Developer’s center

Agents reference code

We provide code to allow you create the agent that will communicate with our platform. This will allow you to integrate fast and securely.

See how you can customize your OpenGate IoT Platform for your company

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