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ABOUT amplía)))

Digitalization and IoT solutions with the best IoT experts

We are experts in devices, communications and data analysis

Your full-stack team to accomplish your objectives. An end-to-end solution to solve real IoT problems.


Sharing our expertise and capabilities and improving our OpenGate IoT Platform.

The amplía))) values

These are our fundamentals and our final objective to achieve with our customers, either multinational or small companies.

The amplía))) mission

We want to help our clients with their processes and business digitalization, relying on our complete experience in all phases of the value chain of the IoT (Internet of Things).

Our people

“Take care of your employees and they take care of your customers”
In amplía))) we believe in transparency, diversity and in a collaborative environment which are the engines to boost talent, progress and positive social changes in the world.

Our promise

Our highly qualified team of more than 35 people focuses on product development and delivery. Quality assurance is one of our most important objectives and one of our fundamentals. The IoT and M2M solutions require secure and solid solutions to control the number of unattended devices that make them up and this is our aim.

Some resultsfacts

OpenGate IoT Platform  was our preventive response to IoT needs, as an M2M evolution. Other products had a monolithic vertical architecture with shared and reused components, so a new layered architecture, ready to manage the large number of devices that hardware allows, will overcome the future challenges of the industry.

The time and especially our customers, demonstrate that our approach is the right solution and we continue to grow against multinational companies, such as a small but “big” company, which shows the world that a group of high qualified IoT professionals can overcome high-value achievements.


More than a product company. We have all the expertise and capabilities needed to help you with your digital transformation.

All the mastery of our highly qualified professionals and the full potential of our OpenGate IoT platform are ready to serve you in your business digital transformation process.

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The amplía))) history

Helping our clients to be the best at the moments that matter

We seek to boost the growth of Internet of Things technology, invest in innovation and engage with people.


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