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Amplía’s partners with Libelium to offer its customers IoT Cloud Device Management

Libelium customers will be able to enjoy one of OpenGate’s cloud services, IoT Cloud Device Management, to manage and track all of their devices simply and securely.

Madrid, July 7, 2016. amplía))), the Spanish company that has developed the OpenGate platform for IoT device management, has joined the Certified Cloud Partner Program from Libelium, a producer of wireless sensors. The partnership will allow Libelium customers to use OpenGate’s IoT Cloud Device Management to collect information and manage devices located around the world.

With this integration, amplía))) customers can use OpenGate to automatically and remotely locate their devices deployed in the field, track inventory and the life cycle of each device, know whether devices are switched on or off, create alarms to respond to certain circumstances and obtain reports on the data collected.

Rafael Morillo, Director at amplía))), says that integrating Libelium devices with the IoT Device Management platform will significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs, as well as simplify deployment and operations, making it immensely valuable for everyday business processes.

The IoT Cloud Device Management service allows customers to manage a large quantity of devices and data, unifying device protocols in order to standarize information. It also provides tools to implement security policies for devices, networks and data centers, which guarantees that solutions will operate correctly and securely.

The partnership offers a secure, reliable, scalable and easy-to-use platform for sectors including smart energy, smart city, logistics and transportation, electric vehicles, machinery industry, and health.

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