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Amplía’s runners participate in the Companies Race on Sunday

Are you ready to run with your colleagues? Yes, we go for it!

On Sunday, 18 December, the Companies Race takes place in Madrid. This year 10 amplía))) employees participate in this competition. They will run 6km or 10 km according to they had chosen.

This race will be a training to achieve their goals such as a Half Marathon in Madrid, Marathon in Rome or just the first race of their lives.

We have created three teams called IoT Unicorns, Bytes of Fury and Error 404* Runner not found: two teams of mixed runners (3 people each group) and one for male category (4 people). Who will be the fastest runner? Which amplía))) team will arrive first? We will see on Sunday!

With this activity, we want to promote healthy and sporting habits to our employees and also values such as teamwork, personal growth, the effort, the constancy, etc.

Sure we spend a lovely time together at the same time we enjoy running!

Cheer on IoT Unicorns, Bytes of Fury and Error 404* Runner not found!



amplía))) runners in the Companies Race in Madrid


Some of our amplía))) runners after running 10 km or 6km.

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