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Amplía, third-year referenced in Machnation’s 2020 IoT Device Management Scorecard

We are so proud to appear for the third year in a row in MachNation’s 2020 IoT Device Management ScoreCard. This year it collects the 13 best vendors of IoT Device Management Platform in the world. In its fourth edition, we have achieved excellence and we appear in the last three editions with multinationals companies like Amazon, Bosch, Microsoft, PTC, Particle, etc.

In words of Josh Taubenheim, IoT analyst with MachNation: “Enterprises that recognize the importance of excellent device management practices at every layer of their implementation have more cogent IoT solutions overall. Evaluating winning strategies for enterprises against industry trends offers great insight into what businesses and the IoT world consider to be best-in-class device management capabilities.”

This research provides a technical analysis of the more relevant vendors in the industry, detailed review of product capabilities, SDKs, APIs, and documentation to help businesses and service providers manage IoT sensors, devices, and gateways at scale.

amplia referenced in Matchnation 2019 IoT Device Management Scorecard

You can find more information about this MachNation report here

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