IoT for detecting wildfires

Not an easy one.
Summer again, and in many places, we are starting to receive news about wildfires taking place in wild, dry and lonely forests. This news are always sad, and many times very dramatic, with the loss of lives in between. It is inevitable to start thinking about ways to preventing and detecting these fires, of course besides all the prevention taken by citizens and public bodies. And it is also inevitable [...]

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    Remote management of industrial and residential doors in order to reduce maintenance costs

Remote management of industrial and residential doors in order to reduce maintenance costs

One of the main problems faced by manufacturers of industrial, commercial and residential doors is the number of complaints they receive from customers due to doors not working or getting stuck to the point that they can’t access their business or home.

Even worse, the causes of these incidents are unknown. Maintenance involves sending a technician to perform a number of tests in order to progressively eliminate possible causes. The operator is sometimes required to [...]

The Security Chain in the IoT ecosystem

Rafael Morillo, invited by our partner Diode, wrote an opinion article on ASLAN Blog “The Security Chain in the IoT ecosystem”.

You can read the entire article in Spanish version by clicking here.

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    Rafael Morillo participates in the IoT Projects panel at IoT Madrid Forum 2017

Rafael Morillo participates in the IoT Projects panel at IoT Madrid Forum 2017

Our director, Rafael Morillo, will be present in the discussion panel “IoT Projects a Marketplace in IoT” from 10.10 to 10.50 in IoT Madrid Forum 2017, an international event about the IoT market. The second edition of this event celebrates on 26 April in Westin Palace Hotel.

Jean Triquet, CEO at IoT Projects, will speak about how he has founded this company as a place where end customers who require high-quality IoT products and services [...]

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    Javier Martinez, CEO at amplía))), is attending Channel Partners Event of Sigfox

Javier Martinez, CEO at amplía))), is attending Channel Partners Event of Sigfox

We have been invited for Sigfox to join its Channel Partners Event, celebrates on 14th March at the hotel H10 Tribeca in Madrid.

During this event, their partners can do networking with more than 25 companies, share knowledge and expertise in IoT projects, know IoT devices manufacturers, discover new services and solutions, learn new trends about our industry and chat with other professionals to see synergies between companies.

In this edition, our CEO, Javier Martinez will [...]

OpenGate will be showing at ASLAN Congress

We are showing the new features of IoT platform OpenGate at our partner DIODE booth 

This year we are participating at ASLAN Congress, an event that concentrates more than 50 companies showing different technologies to boost the Digital Transformation. This exhibition takes place on March 15th, 16th at Congress Municipal Palace, Madrid, Spain.

We will be present at DIODE’s booth. DIODE is a major player in IT distribution since 1975 in the Spanish Market, and they are [...]

Amplía will be exhibiting OpenGate at Embedded World

Come over to our Booth Hall 4-670

amplía))) will be present at Embedded World on 14-16 March in Nuremberg, one of the biggest exhibitions for embedded systems in the world. A great place to see new device manufacturers, gateways, PLCs, service providers, electronic systems, Internet of Things solutions…all together in this exhibition! Cool!

In this event, we will show the new version of our Industrial IoT Platform, OpenGate, which has new important features to allow you:

• [...]

Challenges of our employees and amplía))) in 2017

2016 is coming to an end…Just a couple of days to say goodbye to 2016 and say hello to 2017!
This week we have asked our employees what challenges amplía)))) has a company and their own challenges for this New Year. As a team, each employee can help other colleagues with his knowledge, support, and motivation to achieve their goals.

These are amplía))) challenges:

Promote our branding amplía))) as a Spanish company which has developed a [...]

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    amplía))) runners participate in the Companies Race on Sunday

amplía))) runners participate in the Companies Race on Sunday

Are you ready to run with your colleagues? Yes, we go for it!
On Sunday, 18 December, the Companies Race takes place in Madrid. This year 10 amplía))) employees participate in this competition. They will run 6km or 10 km according to they had chosen.

This race will be a training to achieve their goals such us a Half Marathon in Madrid, Marathon in Rome or just the first race of their lives.

We have created [...]

Thank you for visiting us at IoT Solutions World Congress

Two weeks ago we participated at IoT Solutions World Congress, one of the most important events about Industrial Internet of Things that put in contact industries and companies to boost them to a new model business that grows so quickly.

We got a great feedback from professionals who visited our booth at IOTSW16. We should like to thank you to our employees for the big effort done last two weeks, our partners like Adevice, Elite [...]

UST Global Spain joins with amplía))) to boost the Internet of Things solutions

As the Internet of Things penetrates in nearly every aspect of companies, cities and people’s life, it is becoming increasingly important to solve many critical needs. From IT solutions to business workflows, the high demand on secure, reliable and scalable application require System Integrators to adapt and specialize in what the IoT ecosystem implies.

UST Global Spain and Amplía have agreed to collaborate and bring to the market the most of their expertise, knowledge and [...]

Innovation, the gateway to the digital revolution

Innovation is key in kickstarting the digital industrial revolution. Without the capacity to improve, create more efficient processes, and add value to products and services through new tools and technologies, industrial digitalization can’t move forward. Industry 4.0 introduces integrated automated systems that generate large quantities of data in a way that’s far more flexible, dynamic, and scaleable.
Should industrial companies invest in innovation?
Any industrial company, regardless of its type of activity, will need [...]

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    amplía))) partners with Libelium to offer its customers IoT Cloud Device Management

amplía))) partners with Libelium to offer its customers IoT Cloud Device Management

Libelium customers will be able to enjoy one of OpenGate’s cloud services, IoT Cloud Device Management, to manage and track all of their devices simply and securely.

Madrid, July 7, 2016. amplía))), the Spanish company that has developed the OpenGate platform for IoT device management, has joined the Certified Cloud Partner Program from Libelium, a producer of wireless sensors. The partnership will allow Libelium customers to use OpenGate’s IoT Cloud Device Management to collect information [...]

Smart and connected industry

Globalization and hyperconnectivity have created great opportunities for growth and development, allowing industries to reach more people with fewer resources. But it’s also created significant challenges, as businesses now need to make more customized products to satisfy ever-changing consumer needs. Manufacturing has become more competitive in the race to produce a higher-quality product while maximizing productivity and efficiency in the production process.

We’re witnessing a digital industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0. Companies are applying [...]