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Chances of the eSIMs use in IoT deployments

The eSIMs are a reality in the IoT market that bring new chances for optimizing processes and operative costs. They allow the independence of the operator but their use require tools of management (SIM Management) that rise to the occasion of the expectations in the


Applied Technology for Sanitary Control Measures

The worldwide health crisis caused by Covid-19 has alerted administrations and the population to some risks that, although not anything new, had seemed forgotten. A long period without global pandemics and with major health, social and technological advances, seemed to have immunized citizens, believing that

Are you ready for IoT Operations?

IoT brings huge opportunities for digital transformation for companies on a wide variety of markets and sectors, from utilities to agriculture, from industrial to mining. Wherever IoT adoption brings value to those companies we find the same challenge: IoT infrastructure demands operation excellency. Once a


10 IoT Device Management scenarios

IoT is present in many different sectors in the day to day life. It’s not a technology nor a paradigm, but everyone understands why to use it, and many know how it will help business provide added value. IoT Device Management is an evolution of


IoT for detecting wildfires

Not an easy one. Summer again, and in many places, we are starting to receive news about wildfires taking place in wild, dry and lonely forests. This news is always sad, and many times very dramatic, with the loss of lives in between. It is

Challenges of our employees and Amplía in 2017

2016 is coming to an end…Just a couple of days to say goodbye to 2016 and say hello to 2017! This week we have asked our employees what challenges amplía)))) has a company and their own challenges for this New Year. As a team, each


Innovation, the gateway to the digital revolution

Innovation is key in kickstarting the digital industrial revolution. Without the capacity to improve, create more efficient processes, and add value to products and services through new tools and technologies, industrial digitalization can’t move forward. Industry 4.0 introduces integrated automated systems that generate large quantities


Smart and connected industry

Globalization and hyperconnectivity have created great opportunities for growth and development, allowing industries to reach more people with fewer resources. But it’s also created significant challenges, as businesses now need to make more customized products to satisfy ever-changing consumer needs. Manufacturing has become more competitive


Miguel Palacio, a fencer in the Internet of Things

In the south side of the office, we can find Miguel Palacio who arrives at the office by his motorbike carrying on the swords as an instructor at Fencing School In Madrid. He is our fencer in the Internet of Things! He is involved in our UK