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Industry 4.0


Innovation, the gateway to the digital revolution

Innovation is key in kickstarting the digital industrial revolution. Without the capacity to improve, create more efficient processes, and add value to products and services through new tools and technologies, industrial digitalization can’t move forward. Industry 4.0 introduces integrated automated systems that generate large quantities


Smart and connected industry

Globalization and hyperconnectivity have created great opportunities for growth and development, allowing industries to reach more people with fewer resources. But it’s also created significant challenges, as businesses now need to make more customized products to satisfy ever-changing consumer needs. Manufacturing has become more competitive


Rafael Morillo in Ingenium World 2016

On 23 June, Rafael Morillo, amplía))) CMO, is participating in the panel eSIM at the event Ingenium Mobile 2016 “Consolidation and future of the sector“ that will take place in Hotel InterContinental in Madrid. This event is a place to know the trends in Mobile


Added value delivering Applications to IoT

It is a matter of fact that the Internet of Things is a hot trending topic in all the IT ecosystem, involving all the range of companies from the sensors to the service provided. I will speak as one of the many providers that are


5 Lessons learnt from the most trending car hack

Rafael Morillo, Chief Marketing Officer at Amplía))) It is famous now how you can do a car hack and could be trending topic in social media these days. Some hackers were able to manipulate, remotely, several features of a Jeep while driving. I read this