Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Control the productivity of your machines, one by one or globally, and provide advice to the users

OEE and IoT integrated

Calculating OEE is fundamental in the manufacturing industry. Using IoT to control remotely the data adds the capacity to know the production information and react accordingly.

In OpenGate we have integrated both worlds, allowing to have a centralized and combined way to check the OEE in each machine at each location. This enables high performance for your machines and your customers, improving processes and making happier customers.

Global OEE management


Configure each machine with its own parameters


Get the OEE of groups of selected machines


Calculate OEE in different periods of time


Add OEE information to your customized dashboards


Create automated actions depending on OEE values


Filter and manage the machine with specific OEE results

OEE, Automation Rules, Business Intelligence and Device Management

OpenGate can use any piece of information to generate the OEE parameters – performance, quality and availability – calculating in real time the OEE of each machine. Morover, OEE will be treated as the rest of the parameters in the platform, allowing to apply the different modules –reporting, alarms, automation rules…- to each single machine, and groups of them.

The flexibility to create and adapt OEE parameters will produce a robust engine that will control all the different plants and production sites. With OpenGate this information will be integrated into corporate systems to increase efficiency and productivity.


Increase productivity by getting real time reports of OEE in different places


Improve results by analyzing groups of machines and plants


Increase customer satisfaction by improving the production processes remotely


Diagnose machines when certain OEE parameters vary


Check hisoric behaviour of the OEE of groups of machines


Integrate Global OEE with corporate systems

 The steps to calculate the Global OEE are:

Integrate the devices with quality, performance and availability

Configure the groups of machines or plants

Design your dashboards and reports

OpenGate will take care of the rest, regardless of the type of the machine or its communication technology

Would you like to know how to calculate the OEE in your business or machines?

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