Shape your IoT platform to fit your business

Create as many dashboards as you need and share them with your team

Create, share and view any reporting dashboard

We have made your IoT data available from a drag & drop interface, so you can use our widgets to visualize each parameter, device or alarm.

Build and share your dashboards with your team members. This way, a supervisor may create a monitoring dashboard and share it with the 24/7 team.

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of widgets, representing information in charts, tables, browsing lists, maps… And we will soon release a Widget API to allow you create any widget for your specific piece of information.

Remember, any piece of data is available from the API and the widgets. This way accessing, filtering and showing your business status is done simple.

Customize your IoT business datamodel

Every machine behaves differently, with different parameters, configurations, alarms and operations. We wanted to make it simple to let you collect, manage and visualize your data and business situation.

We use a datamodel definition methodology based on JSON, with support for any kind of data and complex structures. Once you define your datamodel, upload it to the platform, and your business will be represented with all the details you need.

Worried about the protocol? Because devices use different protocols, we have created a factory connector that will be translating from that protocol to your specific datamodel. We already support several protocols, so no development will be required. If you need support for a new protocol, you may add it easily.

Simple and easy.


Adapt IoT workflows to your business

With the combination of the automation engine, operations and alarms, you will be able to model the behaviour you need in the IoT solution to meet your business workflows.

You may add any operation or script easily, with real-time access to any piece of information of your solution, so you can detect, decide an act following your business needs.

Create your own reports to share it with your team or your customer

OpenGate for everyone

You can edit at any time and access to our platform from differents devices

See how you can customize your IoT Platform OpenGate for your company

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