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The OpenGate  iot cloud solution for multi-utility Smart Metering and Submetering.

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Start your IoT digital transformation with the IoT Experts

amplía))) has been helping customers of any vertical to optimize processes, reduce costs and generate new business opportunities more than 17 years thanks to the advantages of the Internet of Things.

The technologies related to the IoT (Big Data, APIs, Cloud and Edge Computing, etc.) make possible the communication between data and knowledge, helping companies to optimize their processes and improving their assets security by analyzing the recollected data from interconnected devices (M2M) in the cloud. Get bennefit from all of this technologies thanks to our IoT experts.

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Moddeling your Business Case

We guide you to in the implementation process of your business model digital transformation idea.

Extendable IoT Platform

Our Industrial IoT Platform, powerful tools, secure, scalable and, best of all: 100% customizable.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

All that you need to make your Proof of Concept, 100% reusable in production phase.

Partners Ecosystem

We want to be your partner and give you the information and contacts from specialized companies that you need

We work together to make possible your Internet of Things solution

Start a new business or transformation is challenge that you must afford with solid guarantees.

From amplía))) we offer what is necessary to ensure that nothing goes wrong: a great technical team, services for the entire construction cycle, network of partners and the best, a platform fully adapted to your business model.

+10 Mill.
+4 Mill.
~7 Mill.

Realtime optimized remote management thanks to OpenGate IoT Platform

OpenGate IoT Platform connects industrial machines, devices, and any asset with business processes. Costs optimization thanks to the monitorization and automated rules. Manage and monitor your devices from a centralized and scalable secure solution.

Manage complicated IoT infrastructure from a fully customized solution in an easy way.

A lot of connectors available in our catalog which grows continuously.

Thanks to our Connector Factory, you can integrate any device in an easy and agile way.

Incorporate new technologies by ensuring retrocompatibility and stability with our platform capabilities.

The OpenGate IoT Platform’s North API enables the integration and importation/exportation of external data bases to enrich the information and the BI.

BPM, ERP, CRM or any corporate system are also integrable to exchange relevant information.

Communication protocolos and technologies changes every day: 2G, 3G, wifi, LoRa, sigfox, 5G…

OpenGate allows you to use any communication protocol or technology IP-bassed or not.

OpenGate uses “datamodel” concept, as ultra-flexible and configurable element to customize and adapt, from our administration web console, to the physical and logical IoT parameters to your business model. This allows you the normalization and interpretation of your information.

OpenGate is ready to apply any algorithm to your information and refine the data to obtain useful status, trend and prevision analytics.

OpenGate has a powerful rules engine to automate and improve your business from an user friendly interface.

Any information exchanged with OpenGate is encrypted and securized. Auditory and access control advanced tools are available to manage and monitor who can access to your data.

Build your IoT solution with the OpenGate capabilities

How OpenGate works

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Corporative platform for specific needs

Remote configuration and upgrade, status alarms, operations and diagnostics from any element in the solution and much more. OpenGate IoT Platform keeps a secure bidirectional communication with all your devices and assets to work with your business information.

Monitorization and management of all your infrastructure including: sensors, communication devices, subscriptions, network elements, operations and services, presence, diagnostics and configuration of all your elements.

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