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The Industry 4.0 Observatory awards to Evectia and Técnicas Reunidas

The Industry 4.0 Observatory awards to Evectia and Técnicas Reunidas the Prize Impulse of the Connected Industry for its Connected Construction Project

A solution that has Amplía’s technology for the management, monitoring, and analysis of assets based on the OpenGate platform

On November 23th, the Industry 4.0 Observatory, a forum for exchanging ideas and implementing new ecosystems in industries, presented the Impulse of Connected Industry Award to the companies Evectia, the Spanish multinational of the Detector group; and Técnicas Reunidas, an international company which is dedicated to the engineering, design and building all types of industrial projects for its Connected Construction product. This is the first case of success of the solution in which is integrated the OpenGate platform developed by amplía))).

Evectia and Amplía are collaborating to offer construction companies a solution for Health and Safety and Asset Management. OpenGate, the Amplía IoT platform, is part of the solution which both companies are developing, enabling communication with Evectia devices to enable the workers and assets collected information and its analysis.

A valuable information for those in charge of the works to have accurate and real-time data on the location and status of workers, as well as the situation of the different assets that are part of a construction.

evectiatecnicasreunidasprizeconnectedconstructionPhoto credit Europa Press

The Connected Construction project, designed by Evectia, was created with the aim of increasing productivity, increasing efficiency in business operations and reducing production defects. The idea was to create a solution that was able to identify, extract and deal massively with critical information in real time through the sensorization of assets.

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