Decrease mistaken inventory
Deployment cost reduction
Increase auto-diagnose alarms
Decrease number of unsued alarms

Control the full process of deployment and decrease of deployment times
Use OpenGate to keep track of every item installed, repaired, switched on, modified or updated. All the information will be gathered automatically, and upon modifications OpenGate will notify your business processes.

Due to the automation of the installation and provisioning and device commissioning tasks, our IoT Platform allows increasing dramatically the rate of deployments.

Reduce deployment costs
OpenGate will execute complete diagnostics upon first connection of the devices installed. This diagnosys may include end-to-end checks of connectivity, inventory, operator service, proper working…. This will provide installers with adequate, real time information of the status of the installation he has just done, reducing the time he needs to proceed with his assignments.
Reduce maintenance costs
There are three ways OpenGate helps reducing maintenance costs:

  1. By remotely fixing problems in the access to the devices.
  2. By automatically identifying the source of the problem (access to network, sim activation status, software version…).
  3. By reducing the amount of alarms end events to process in the contact center.
Know the impact of the infrastructure in your M2M solution
By getting information of the status and behavior of the M2M infrastructure, OpenGate will provide knowledge on the impact in your business processes. Examples given:

  • Devices affected by coverage
  • Business processes affected by a specific operator
  • Number of incidents open by type of service

Retreive operative information from mobile operators
Most of the problems affecting the operative and working status of M2M devices have to do with the SIM card status, coverage, billing options… Your OpenGate may integrate with more than one mobile operator and retreive from them information about GSM connectivity, traffic, SIM activation status and more.

By unifying the information of the device and the operators, full intelligence is obtained about the real situation of the solution.

Reduce the amount of on-field operations
OpenGate may add to its catalogue of operations all those supported by any brand and model of device. Then OpenGate will keep track of single or batch operations executed remotely, regardless of the brand and protocol of each device, allowing operators to execute many of the options remotely in order to leave the displacement to field only for physical works.
Proactively monitor failures
OpenGate will be monitoring the status of each device and line proactively, either periodically or upon the occurence of some events.  You will get significant time reduction on the detection of faulty devices and network problems.

Each parameter can be configured to be probed at different rates in order to balance the amount of resources needed to keep an up-to-date status.

Allow business processes to be informed about infrastructure status
When the business processes need to access to remote instances, OpenGate will help this actions by providing the knowledge of the status of the infrastructure. This will allow optimizing the use of resources by accessing only to available assets at the exact moment.
Integrate M2M infrastructure monitoring into you ITIL process
OpenGate plays a very important role in the processes and methodologies, and it’s designed to be integrated in several ways as to be part of the methodology and flows implemented.


The above figures are average KPIs obtained from real customers at specific moments. Contact us to get more information on how we can improve your numbers!