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Proof of Concept (POC): Overview

What is a Proof of Concept?

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is the best way to start in IoT world for any company. The purpose is to design and test an IoT solution in your own environment: data collection, transformation and visualization of your information, and all the capabilities of the tools offered by digital transformation.

How to run a successfull Proof of Concept (PoC)?

The complexity of carrying out an IoT project lies in the need to adjust all the pieces of the puzzle: assets, sensors, communications (technology, coverage, geographical location, etc.) precision of the measures, regulations, etc. All these requirements determine the economic viability of the business case and its benefit.

As response, we put at your disposal a multidisciplinary team of experts in IoT, M2M, business logic and any other aspect you may need, so that they can work with you or your team to build a successful IoT solution.

Together we will develop your prototype in a very short time, dividing the process into the following phases:



Tell us your idea and we will tell you how to achieve it and what you need: project analysis, improvements, HW / SW requirements, communications, etc.

Development & Configuration

Development & Configuration

We put together all the pieces of the puzzle. We integrate what we need together and build a solid base on OpenGate IoT Platform by customizing and configuring it: connectors, rules, alarms, users, etc.

Launch your Prototype

Launch your Prototype

We will use what we have built with some assets in a controlled space. We help you launch the prototype: implementation, panel creation … all with our support team

Results evaluation

Results evaluation

We adjust the dashboards to generate the reports and data which allows us to make a comparative analysis of results. We establish a plan for a bigger pilot or even the transition to production.

Accelerate your digitalization process with amplía)))

Whatever the state of maturity of your idea or product and in the shortest possible time, OpenGate IoT Platform best tools and our team of IoT experts will help you to accomplish your project.


Any need or idea must be previously analyzed so, from amplia))), we put our years of experience and knowledge at your service.

We can help you understand the opportunities of IoT in digital transformation, for example, by looking in detail, an example, or a transformation of one of our use cases.

As part of our services, we can work together on an internal sales proposal that demonstrates the viability of the digital transformation of your business. Also, we can help you to build a SWOT analysis (more information here), and make a market study, to develop a successful business case.

Ok, we have the idea, but now we have to see how to develop it. A stable, scalable and secure architecture is the basis of any success story, so let us to apply our experience in different verticals and sectors

We will see how the different elements required should be interconnected to develop your solution . To do this, we will define the needs of your vertical, analyzing the available technologies and connecting with the necessary partners.

To do this, we will design the prototype requirements together. We will create a PoC (or Proof of Concept) with our OpenGate IoT Platform and all the tools we need to analyze the information collected, in order to demonstrate the viability of the project.

At this point, our internal technical team will work closely with you to analyze, build or integrate the specific needs that you have.

We will show you a demo of how OpenGate can solve a real case of your solution and we will analyze the requirements to evolve your PoC into a Pilot thanks to the advantages that our platform OpenGate can offer as the basis of any end-to-end solution.

amplía))) has an ecosystem of partners that make OpenGate not only an isolated platform, but it can be the complete IoT solution you need. Our allies dedicate their efforts to other areas such as device and sensor manufacturers, integrators, communications providers, etc.

In this state of maturity, our ultimate goal will therefore be to build a fully functional solution based on OpenGate IoT Platform, which meets your needs in an optimal, agile, secure and scalable way.

We analyze and document a complete plan for the industrialization of your IoT solution, involving the necessary partners to achieve it. 

If we start from a pilot made with OpenGate IoT Platform, we will just have to help you migrate the services you need, because our platform automatically scales.

We will use the native OpenGate capabilities to optimize and monitor the installation, deployment and launching, always with you, optimizing times and reducing costs.

We have the expertise and tools to help you with your business digital transformation. Want to start now?

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REALIZE THE FULL POTENTIAL OF IOT WITH OUR OpenGate IoT Platform-based solutions

OpenGate IoT Platform is the set of all our features available to build any type of Internet of Things project, which we have condensed into the following preconfigured products to help create your own IoT solution

OpenGate eSIM/SIM Management

OpenGate eSIM/SIM Management

Centralized full eSIM/SIM management in Multi-Operator environments

OpenGate Device Management

OpenGate Device Management

Provision and manage the whole life-cycle of your IoT devices

OpenGate IoT Business Suite

OpenGate IoT Business Suite

Build any vertical IoT solution for your business