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Miguel Palacio, a fencer in the Internet of Things

In the south side of the office, we can find Miguel Palacio who arrives at the office by his motorbike carrying on the swords as an instructor at Fencing School In Madrid. He is our fencer in the Internet of Things!

He is involved in our UK project. Miguel works directly with the main contractor and is responsible for planning, deliveries, faults management and support. He creates the tactical governance planning and informs the client of activities, development and quality control of the service and in turn communicates to employees of amplía))) involved in the project, the necessary requirements to implement changes agreed with the client.

Always, an excellent colleague, Miguel lends a hand to his team in the technical area to ensure quality and deployment of service on time.

MiguelPalacioMiguel is part of the AEEA (Fencing Spanish Association) since 2004 and he passed an exam with rapier, sword and dagger and long sword to obtain the title.

He participates actively amplía)))’s activities. Last December, he took part of the company competition amplía)))’s got talent. He aimed to impress and leave us astounded with an exhibition which he showed us the main techniques of fencing. After, he challenged his colleagues to hit them. Four of our employees dare to approach him! We saw a great fight and enjoyed the show!

Father of two sons, passionate about history, literature, craft beer and board games such as X-Wing, Carcassone, Catan, Colditz, a person who listens carefully, easy to talk to and to have an interesting conversation with not to mention the best instructor to learn about fencing!

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