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OG Smart Metering

Complete energy management and analysis tools

Smart Metering & Submetering multi-utility

OG Smart Metering is our integral solution dedicated to the measurement, analysis and optimization of energy consumption of electricity, water or gas, among others. The tools provided allow to analyze and optimize the energy efficiency of the monitored infrastructure.

OG Smart Metering can be deployed in residential, industrial or commercial environments to perform even submetering tasks, which allow to reduce costs by optimizing energy consumption.

OG Smart Metering use examples

Monitoring and management for multi-utility infrastructures (water, gas, electricity, and others)

Monitoring and management for multi-utility infrastructures (water, gas, electricity, and others)

Focused on energy distribution or trading companies that need the infrastructure to manage the acquisition and processing of data as well as the management of the assets involved centralized from an unique platfrom, OG Smart Metering

How to improve Energy Efficiency taking advantage of submetering

How to improve Energy Efficiency taking advantage of submetering

OG Smart Metering applies to any company that need to manage the energy efficiency of their infrastructure, by different areas or even individual elements, optimize their processes and evaluate their energy management costs.

OG Smart Metering highlights

Take advantage with the power of OG Smart Metering

Multi-utility support and self-suply: electricity, gas, water, etc.

Adaptable and flexible solution

Centralize all the energy use data in one platform

Quick Return of Investment (RoI)


All in One solution: Just one solution to manage the entire infraestructure

Secure role based access and traceability

Ready to use platform and easy deploy of end-customers applications

Support for adaptation and compliance to the Regulatory

Solution components

The OpenGate Smart Metering AMR / AMI module allows covering the Head End System / Meter Data Acquisition System (HES / MDAS) functions defined in the field of Smart Metering including:

Data collection and processing to build an unified data model. Custom reports and business rules automation

Device integration: Multi-protocol & multi-utiliy

Data visualization tools and customizable dashboards which are configurable with our role based system through our responsive web platform

MDM integration and APIs to be integrated also with external systems.

Advanced Data Processing Tools for implementing new ad-hoc algorithms, aggregations, analytics, etc.)

Our OG Smart Metering is powered by OpenGate IoT Platform and so, it takes advantage of the complete set of tools to monitor, manage and remotely operate with assets and devices:

Inventory management: discovery and automated collection

Positioning management (geolocation)

Full digital assets lifecycle management

Operational Status monitorization.

Planning and execution of unit or massive operations and diagnosis

Remote firmware update and configuration

Customizable automated rules and alarms

Security management and field operations support

Smart Meters and other collection devices communicate with OG Smart Metering safely, efficiently and with low costs, taking advantage of modern communication technologies. Our system is communication technology independent, so wired and wireless communications of any type are available meanwhile monitoring and management tools enrich the information collected:

Lines inventory and life-cycle management

Line and device inventory correlation

Integration with operators’ managed connectivity platforms

Automated custom reports to evaluate operators performance and quality of service

Support for eSIMs, legacy SIMs and hybrid infrastructures in the same solution

OG Smart Metering
use cases

Ready to use IoT solution

Our cloud platform, OG Smart Metering, offers our customers the needed infrastructure and tools to offer their customers billable or value-added energy services.

In addition, any company that needs to measure and improve its energy efficiency can also use this solution taking advantage of the submetering strategy.

As reference, you can review how OG Smart Metering allows some companies to achieve this.

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