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OGTrack: asset tracking

Control your valuable assets at any time anywhere

Tracking & Monitoring System

OGTrack is a ready to use cloud solution based in the OpenGate IoT capabilities to offer a complete set of tools to monitor and improve the asset tracking process. The solution includes communication subscription, devices ready to use and our platform preconfigured to start using it as ease as possible.

OGTrack is oriented to logistic and industrial companies on container systems transportation, vehicles transportation and/or usage (cars, motorcycles, …), art transportation, etc.

OGTrack use examples

How to improve the logistics workflow

How to improve the logistics workflow

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

  • Control cradles, containers, trailers stock
  • Improve delivery/production planning
  • Reduce idle cradles, containers, trailers
  • Eliminate cradle, container, trailer lost
  • Cost reduction
  • Improve cradle, container, trailer delivery information
How to improve the rental workflow

How to improve the rental workflow

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

  • Improve occupancy
  • Detect anomalous usage
  • Anticipate maintenance needs
  • Reduce deliver/recover assets
  • Reduce machine losses & fraud
  • Reduce back office procedures/employees

OGTrack highlights

SaaS web based solution accessible from a responsive user interface

Geolocation control and traceability

Real time incident detection (geofencing, unexpected stop period, movement…)

Monitor additional parameters (storing position, impacts, inertia, temperature...)

Easy to integrate with legacy systems


Full inventory remote control (asset / device / comms)

KPI’s & Custom dashboards and reports per user type

Sorting capabilities by several parameters

Rules engine: custom alarms generation and automated action rules

Solution components

Our OGTrack ready to use cloud solution powered by OpenGate IoT Platform its compatible with almost any tracker (based on our south API,
more information here). Anyway, to speed up deployment, we recommend to our customers the VTrack quality device, providing the following minimum features:

GPS and GSM location.

DC or battery powered.

CE, IP68 and other certifications.

Detects movement, impacts, temperature, position and others.

Devices communicate with OGTrack platform safely, efficiently and with low costs, taking advantage of modern communication technologies. Although OGTrack is communication technology independent, to build this ready-to-use solution we recommend and provide IoT communications with:

World coverage & fixed cost.

Utilising low-level GSM protocols (2G,3G,…), even works in remote places where other technologies don’t.

Low energy consumption, ideal for battery based devices.

2.000 messages per month, up to 5 minutes of frequency.

Up to 140 characters per message.

OGTrack powered by OpenGate (more information here), provides a simple out of the box asset tracking solution including all the most demanded functions:

General dashboard (device sorting, device mapping, device status).

Reports (device stopped for more than x time, device unassigned/unloaded,…).

Geofencing definition and alarms.

Fully responsive user interface: Accesible from desktop and mobile devices.

Third party integrations available.

PoC in a box

From amplía))) we offer our PoC in a Box as an entry-level to test by yourself the advantages of our solution OGTrack. After this period, all data and configuration is preserved and you just need to choose one of our pricing plans to keep using your account.

PoC in a Box default configuration of the device:
1 message every 15 min. on movement and 1 message/6 hour when it stopped. Other performance available, impacts on battery duration.


OGTrack, track & trace capabilities

5 VTrack devices

Three months duration

Base dashboards & alarm engine

Amplía’s PoC support

15 min. message frequency

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OGTrack use cases

Ready to use IoT solution

Our IoT cloud solution, OGTrack, improves tracking and precise geolocation of assets at the same time that status monitorization and usage statistics enhance the company performance and benefits.

As example, you can review some of our use cases to know more about how OGTrack allow some companies to achieve this.

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