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OpenGate Device Management

Monitor and manage IoT&M2M infrastructures

Provision and manage
the whole life-cycle of your devices

With OpenGate Device Management solution you will have all necessary tools to take advantage of the OpenGate IoT Platform capabilities that are centered in monitoring, management and provisioning of your devices and other intermediate elements. Whether it’s a few, or hundreds or millions, you’ll have the ability to manage all of them in a simple and intuitive way.

Manage, monitor and update all your connected IoT and M2M devices remotely, in a secured and centralized way.

Many IoT solutions incorporate even millions of devices as a part of their architecture, being it necessary to provision, manage, monitor and remotely update all of them, in a scalable and secure way.

Collection and normalization

Take advantage of the collected data by your devices removing the complexity because of the variety of protocols, hardwares, firmwares, etc. in IoT solutions


Incorporate the necessary procedures to avoid inherent risks related to IoT and M2M connectivity, such as: encryption, auditing, access control or device integrity

Real-time control

Monitoring, rules and alarms for device status, as well as massive operations for firmware/software updates, diagnosis, etc.

Centralized management

Unify the inventory management of a large number of heterogeneous devices with OpenGate IoT Platform, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the management processes

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