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eSIM and SIM's life-cycle unified management


SIM and eSIM Management in Multi-Operator environments

OpenGate IoT eSIM/SIM Management is an OpenGate-based product, focused on companies with a huge number of on-field deployed devices, which are communicated through subscriptions using any technology on the market (2G, 3G, 4G, NBIoT, LTE Cat-M, etc.) and who want to offer a centralized competitive solution, to manage and monitor eSIMs and SIMs.

Full SIM’s life-cycle management

eSIM/SIM Management of your project is easier and more transparent thanks to the OpenGate IoT platform, regardless of the communications provider, by centralizing the management and diagnosis of the different states in which a SIM or eSIM can be found.

Purchasing process help

Get support to the whole process of SIM purchasing orders and logistic relationship with operators


Activation / Suspension of complete devices or specific sims in a unitary or massive way, manually or through automated business rules

Centralized subscription management

Changes IMSI assignment to the device. Configure remotely the SIM service profile & Commercial Plans association

Customized reports and views

All collected data can be organized in custom dashboards with the more relevant info and needed tools for every department

Remote diagnostics (HW/SW/connectivity)

Hardware and software current status and performance analysis. Detection and management of discrepancies with the operator status

Advanced integration

Integration of actions in the field deployment processes and with other systems or third parties

Main features

OpenGate IoT eSIM/SIM Management is the tool that allows you to easily manage and monitor the SIM cards and eSIMs that are part of any IoT solution

OpenGate IoT eSIM/SIM Management has the appropriate tools to remotely monitor all the elements involved in the entire subscription management process through a friendly web application which generates custom alarms if needed thaks to our automated rules engine:

Inventory, assets and devices location.

Consumption and billing.

Performance and connectivity alarms.


Administrative and operational status.

eSIMS/SIMS and associated equipment.

OpenGate IoT SIM Management allows you to remotely perform any necessary operation during your subscriptions lifecycle automatically or manually, bulk or just to one element. All these functionalities and more, can be done from our responsive web application:

Subscription management: change of IMSI.

Rules and Automation.

Configuration: profiles, plans, etc.

Diagnostics and tests.


OpenGate IoT SIM Management has a complete set of tools optimized to work with the collected data. Create alerts and notifications in specific situations or to detect potential problems. Create any customized report you need and decide who sees what, thanks to the user role management functionalities:


Alerts and notifications.


Big Data.

Third party integrations.

How it works?

OpenGate IoT eSIM/SIM Management allows you to manage SIMs of any communication provider and eSIMs. If the provider does not have an M2M management portal, the information can be provisioned using a bulk upload tool.

Otherwise, it will be done by integrating with other platforms through their APIs (*) in two ways:

  • Basic: M2M platforms according to communication providers in use (Kite, GSDP, Malima, ….).
  • Advanced: with provider’s infrastructure elements (e.g.: GGSN Radius).

(*) In order to perform your operation, the solution requires: API Access Credentials to the provider platforms with SIMs permissions, and connectivity to the infrastructure elements (Radius).

By including native capabilities from OpenGate IoT Platform, to incorporate IoT standards and control algorithms, a next-generation tool is achieved.

It allows company processes integration by adding a service-oriented integration API and a Ticketing system.


Device fleet communications:
Operating costs based on actual consumption
The quality of the services of the Operator
The control of the proper use of SIMs and the geographic location of assets


the complexity in the operation with the fleet of mobile data lines:
Purchase of new SIMs and monitoring of the process
Accounting and monitoring of activation in the operator
Suspension and elimination of SIMs


Hybrids Legacy SIM and eSIM device populations can be managed in a unified way


From operators / MNO and significant cost savings


to management of subscriptions in multi-operator environments under a single tool

Which are the benefits?

OpenGate IoT eSIM/SIM Management is the tool that allows you to easily manage and monitor eSIM/SIM cards which are part of any IoT solution.

  • Communications cost savings
  • Reduce technology and operations complexity
  • Improvement and control of the suppliers relationships
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The eSIM transition: A solution for now and the future

OpenGate IoT eSIM/SIM Management supports legacy SIM, eSIM, hybrids infrastructures and new communication technologies in the same solution supporting our customer in the migration process from classic SIM cards to eSIM, which allows:

  • More flexible operations
  • More independence from mobile operators (profile management)
  • Important cost savings
  • Flexibility to transform the role of the customer on communications (Virtual operators)

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