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Use Cases OpenGate

Digital transformation for IoT real-world use cases

Small and huge companies are using OpenGate IoT Plattform to optimize their processes in Industry 4.0TransportEnergy EfficiencyAgricultureFire PreventionServices

We can solidly demonstrate the viability of IoT solutions to reduce costs, improve productivity and service quality of any business thanks to our customers and years of experience.

Build a custom, secure and scalable solution for the Internet of Your Things is our objective.

Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid

The energy sector and especially utilities electricity providers have been a pioneer in the application of industrial IoT solutions and one of the main focus for amplia))).

The different regulations imposed and the possibility of direct and indirect monetization have led to an exponential increase in IoT projects in this industry. On the other hand, the adoption of the new Smart Grid architectures and strategies, totally change the classic approach of all phases of the energy cycle, from generation to distribution, through transport and with the impulse of more envrionment friendly and green sources. This new scenario, requires to be able to know at all times the state of the elements, the direction, magnitude and quality of the energy flows, in order to manage them efficiently.

A greater complexity in the network, requires remote support elements for maintenance as consecuence. An IoT platform like OpenGate, ready to apply powerful analysis algorithms on the information collected in real time, is essential for the optimization of preventive and predictive maintenance, which contribute to cost savings and control.

Our ultimate goal is, therefore, the development of new strategies that drive the digital transformation for the companies that provide infrastructure to the complex electricity network which deals with electricity generation, transportation and distribution.

As part of our compromise, amplia))) belongs to ENERTIC platform (more information)

Safety and risk prevention

Safety and accident rate reduction are today one of the main areas of improvement for the industry.

That is why amplía))) has been working on work safety projects for years, in various sectors such as mining explorations, construction, treatment plants for toxic substances and other areas likely to represent a danger to the integrity and health of people.
The main application is to use the information of the location of the employee and the assets (such as machines and materials) within the different work areas categorized by risk to improve workers productivity and safety. Environmental information and other important conditions complement the scenario in order to calculate potential risks and generate alerts, both to the worker himself and to headquarters supervisors.

An analysis of the current and historical status of each of them, allows to evaluate the situation at all times, generate reports of employees status and even indicators of performance and productivity.

Asset tracking

Geolocation and tracking for assets is historically one of the main technological challenges of companies, especially in transport and logistics sectors.

The Internet of Things and technological revolution regarding sensorization and communications, provide the opportunities for its digital transformation and also for the creation of new businesses that, without these new capabilities, would be only fiction stories.

Work with enrich geolocation information is possible in OpenGate IoT Platform: the location that it should have and the really has the asset can be compared to generate alerts, additional context metrics of the asset (status, temperature, speed …) or danger areas, are incorporated to apply automated smart rules and get more useful information.

Our clients have taken advantage of the native capabilities of OpenGate IoT Platform, allowing them to take asset tracking to a higher level, the possibilities to work with this information and carrying out vertical projects that use it as a business value.

Automatic Meter Reading

Thanks to OpenGate IoT Platform you can obtain the real-time diagnosis of your devices, schedule masive firmware updates, optimize energy consumption, know when the highest energy consumption occurs, collect data from all connected resources, report anomalies to your technical staff and detect why they occur.

OpenGate provides a complete infrastructure management system that allows the administration of Smart Metering implementation, communication monitoring, asset management, quality of service, and so on. The best part, OpenGate is ready to be integrated with existing corporate systems to provide complete management of the life-cycle of devices.

How OpenGate has solved real-world IoT use cases? Explore our success stories

OpenGate allows to operate with any kind of devices, SIMs, M2M and assets in a secure, scalable and easy way.

Configuration, remote updates, status alarms, diagnosis of any element in the solution and much more. OpenGate IoT Platform will manage your solution to ensure the proper workflow of your business.

Monitoring and action tasks are possible in all the elements of your solution: sensors and devices, communication devices, network elements, sending operations, diagnostics and configurations.

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