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We help you from analysis to deployment.


We’ve been working in IoT for many years, and have worked in all the different layers, phases, and verticals of many IoT solutions. We may help from analysis to deployment, from embedded software to integration tests, from e-Health to Smart Metering. Our focus on the IoT infrastructure, while you will focus on your business processes.


Solution design

We have years of experience, and architects dedicated to IoT solutions. We can help you give shape to your solution from the perspective of the infrastructure and architecture, determined by your business requirements.

Platform Integration

We can integrate OpenGate with external systems to enhance both sides capacities and knowledge. We may forward alarms to a central command post, or receive operation queries from ERPs. Your business processes will determine what to do.



We can train you in development with OpenGate APIs, doing server maintenance, operating… Basic training will be done remotely, since OpenGate is easy to use, and based on state-of-the-art procedures.

Protocol Connectors

We develop ad-hoc or standard protocols to allow OpenGate communicate with your solution’s devices. We will analyze the protocol to see if it meets the minimum requirements, and the kind of functionality it will provide. We will also help you design a protocol from scratch if required for management.

Server Deployment

We install and configure OpenGate in any environment like preproduction, production, development… Depending on your solution’s needs we will deploy in cluster, RAC, balanced nodes… whatever it takes to meet your solution’s performance requirements.

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