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Reinvent yourself or die? Move to the IIoT dark side

On 27-28 November in Campus Monteprincipe of the University CEU San Pablo will take place Codemotion, one of the biggest event in Spain for IT professionals, agents of change that they need to reinvent technologies and methodologies to do old things. They have organized more than 120 sessions, 30 workshops and 12 tracks. It will be present 30 communities of development and 150 speakers.  And our employees couldn’t miss it: some of them are participating as attendees and Carlos Javier Prados and David Fernández as speakers! Move to the IIoT dark side with them!

Carlos Javier Prados, CTO at amplía))) and David Fernandez, Scrum Master and Software Engineer at amplía))) are speaking about “Internet of Things applied to Energy Efficient” at track 6 from 13:45 to 14.30 on 27 November. They will explain us how industries can optimize their Energy consumption and quality with an Internet of Things solution for Smart Energy. They will show some solutions and use cases in this industry.

Carlos Javier and David work together in the IT department of our company. Carlos is an enthusiastic, positive and organized person with capacity of leadership. He always provides his knowledge to obtain efficient solutions to the issues. He delegates responsibilities on his employees. He loves reading books about psychology, science, neuro-linguistics programming, technology, history, etc. His two daughters are his masterpiece!

David Fernández, our double “A” Agile & Asturian Engenieer, is offering other session “Scrum Wars: Gutting Scrum (utopias and realities)” at track 7 from 12.15 to 13.00 on 28 November. He is speaking about Scrum, an Agile framework. As a Srum Master he will show his point of view of several aspects involved in Scrum. Lot of companies says that they are using Scrum, but it is false. The talk is about what the theory says and what happens in real world.

Codemotion started to join communities focus on developers and coding in Rome and currently takes places in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Milan and Madrid. If you can assist or attend this event you can watch on streaming some tracks click here to see it!

See the slides of the session “Internet of Things applied to Energy Efficient” here  and “Scrum Wars: Gutting Scrum (utopias and realities)” here

Whan to Know more about other employees….

Jorge Bernal, our internet of Music and Life Things Engineer

David Fernández, the real value of the company

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