Every M2M vertical needs a robust infrastructure. OpenGate helps you with it.

Your business needs an M2M solution that gathers data from remote machines, pushes instructions, and actuates from the business processes. In between there are routers, modems, sim cards, satellite lines and many other components in need of maintenance. Depending on the verticals, there are specific issues where OpenGate may be more helpful.


Provided added value to your M2M customers with a SIM Monitoring service beyond managed connectivityMore


Manage the Smart Metering infrastructure, and any communication device, from deployment to maintenanceMore


Keep track of your vehicles, communication devices, and traceability sensors, while centralicing your SIM managementMore


Device Manufacturers

Add to your devices a reliable transmission layer, and a full device management platformMore

Smart Cities

Centralize the management of the Smart City to a single OpenGate platform, lowering copmlexity and maintenance costsMore


OpenGate will help any vertical with M2M communications: e-Health, survilliance, security, ATMs… More