Device Manufacturers

If you are manufacturing devices for specific purposes, OpenGate will help you manage them

The more you sell, the more your devices are wide spread, the bigger the support of OpenGate to do remote communication and maintenance, while you keep focusing on your business

The different components of OpenGate will help you in several ways:

  • Create applications that communicate with your devices, using the Application Enabler
  • Manage remotely your customer’s devices, doing monitoring, software upgrade… using the Device Manager
  • Control the impact of the Carriers giving you communication facilities
  • Allow your customers access and manage their set of devices
  • Integrate OpenGate with your business processes to enhance them

We will provide with a working instance of OpenGate, white branded and adapted to your needs, that will seamlessly manage all your range of devices. Meanwhile, you may focus on the development of your core business.

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