Smart Cities

Centralize the management of the Smart City infrastructure to a single OpenGate platform

Unify and centralize common operations and management of the Smart City, regardless of the provider, business applications or services

Use OpenGate to manage all the devices from all the city services and providers in order to have up-to-date information of:

  • Installed and non-installed devices and their services
  • Operative times and down times
  • Operations used per device and service
  • Reporting on the different providers and services
  • Communications issues affected by devices
  • Use of devices by the end-users

OpenGate can be white branded, so that the Smart City manager may provide access to the different service providers with their private view of devices, and allow them manage the different devices reagrdless of the service.

While integrating with Carriers, and with the Communication Network, OpenGate will help correlate the different problems in the Smart City infrastructure and the services affected.

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