Provide added value service to your M2M customers

If you are a Carrier, MNO or MVNO, you may want to provide added value services to your M2M customers. Besides M2M plans and managed connectivity, OpenGate provides monitoring, which is highly demanded by customers to let them know how and when the network is affecting their business processes.”


  • Optional integrations with GGSN, HLRs, Billing…
  • Stand alone with its own interface, or integrable in other services
  • High scalability support for a large number of SIMs and customers
  • Multi-organization support, to provide service to all your customers
  • Multi-country support, for those customers with roaming or multi-location needs
  • Notification capabilities via REST or SNMP, for your OSS, BSS, and for customers’ systems
  • Two-way integration for monitoring and operations

Integrating OpenGate

  • We shall adapt certain components to your core in order to gain full functionality
  • We have deployed OpenGate in Tier-1 operators, dealing with several platforms
  • We help you define the IT architecture depending on the requirements and customers
  • Our IT team adapts to your strict go-to-production procedures
  • We separate requirements, adoptions, installation and licensing, adapting to your organization
  • We know end customers, so we may participate in defining your business and product definition



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