Smart Metering and Remote Control create a complex, critical infrastructure in need of management

If you are a Utility, you may be involved in a Smart Metering project, or maybe you are in the communications department. In either case, you will need to control the behaviour of your communication devices and lines used in your infrastructure”][/tagline_box]

The type of entities that OpenGate will allow managing are:

  • Routers, 3G or GPRS, used for accessing sub-stations or command posts
  • Concentrators, with an embedded modem or connected through a router, used for Smart Metering
  • Modems used for accessing remote sensors or devices
  • SIM cards, GSM lines, Radio lines used for communicating with the above

The benefits of using OpenGate is such big deployments as the ones in Utilities are clear, specially in those related to Smart Metering and Remote Control:

  • Automatic inventory of installed devices, lowering the mistakes and future maintenance headaches
  • Automatic correlation of devices and SIM cards, regardless of the number of MNO hired
  • Proactive monitoring of device and line status, anticipating failure
  • Direct integration with business processes (installation, maintenance) helps reduce deployment and maintenance costs
  • Integration with one or more operators allow having full control of all the end-to-end infrastructure
  • Correlation of information allows to focus on the point of origin of failure
  • Automatic relationship with meters to monitor connectivity status

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