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Publication in SmartGridsInfo of our use case Automatic supervision of Endesa Teleservices

We are pleased to announce that an article has been published in SMARTGRIDSINFO about Endesa’s Automatic Supervision of Teleservices use case, written by Javier Martínez, CEO of amplía))), and Jesús Martín, Project Manager of amplía))).

Smartgridsinfo, is a portal dedicated to the communication of news, articles, interviews and others, about the Smart Grids sector.

From amplía))), as a digital transformation oriented company, we understand the growing challenges of today’s extensive SmartGrid, and our IT consulting services and products, provide according holistic end-to-end solutions. Therefore, our customers can take advantage of the benefits of our digital solutions, which allow to simplify and transform their processes, such as: the integrated management of the smart grid infrastructure and its communications, operations, smart metering and submetering, the integration of self-consumption facilities, new user infrastructures such as charging stations, and communication flows between suppliers and the end user, among others.

The publication of this article in SMARTGRIDSINFO, collects in detail the use case presented at the VII Congress of Smart Grids 2020 last year of the Automatic supervision of teleservices for Endesa’s electricity distribution network solution. In this article, you can read in detail the role of amplía))) in the design and development process of the deployed solution, based on our OpenGate IoT Platform, and currently implemented and in use at Endesa. On the other hand, although the solution is constantly evolving to adapt to the changing needs of its world, it is also very interesting to check what the observed results have been, as well as the benefits obtained since its implementation in 2017.

We also invite you to read the interview with Pepe De Toro, Project Manager at Endesa’s Teleservices Control Center (Enel Iberoamérica) on our blog. As well as our use case about the project, where you can also see the project presentation video.

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