Can I license OpenGate to offer it to third parties?


It may happen that you have a business case that implies engaging your own customers, or maybe you want to build your own application and use OpenGate as OEM. Either case, please tell us about your needs and we will help you build your solution.

What HW & SW infrastructure do I need to deploy opengate)))?

It will depend on several things:

  1. The amount of devices you have
  2. The amount of networks you awill integrate with
  3. The frequency of data updates
  4. The profile of the protocol
  5. The kind of High Availability you demand

Take a look at this reading. It might help you… read

How is opengate))) licensed?

This is our licesing model. Take a look at it and contact us if you have any doubt.

  • Pay as you Grow
  • Pay when you add a new device
  • For long deployments with a stable number of devices
  • Fixed fee per device
  • One Up-Front Fee
  • Pay for all the devices you need at the beggining
  • For running solutions with stable number of devices
  • Single per number of devices
  • Recurrent
  • Pay when you add a new device
  • For solutions with undefined number of customers and devices
  • Fixed fee per device
Why don't you have a cloud service?

Because our business strategy focuses to big, corporate solutions, where proprietary servers are usually predominant.

What's the difference between a management data and a business data?
  1. You have sensors and you want to create graphs with the reading, and send commands to close doors and things like that: that’s business data
  2. You need to know the firmware version of your modem, the number of your SIM card, and need to update the firmware: that’s management data
Do you apply rules depending on the content of the messages?


OpenGate is only delivering message coming from the devices (formatted to fit the same interface), but we don’t look into the contents nor act upon them. This is a future we plan to include in future releases.

Do you add message processing?


OpenGate is only delivering message coming from the devices (formatted to fit the same interface), but we don’t look into the contents nor act upon them. This is a future we plan to include in future releases.

What is the throughput supported by OpenGate?

It will depend on the behaviour of the devices and the hardware architecture you finally implement. As a guideline, we are processing in some environments 4million events per day in a 2-tier architecture.

How do I integrate my ERP, CRM… with my devices using OpenGate?

Get your application to use our North-bound interfaces. They will basically use send-to and receive functions, regardless of the device’s protocol, it’s communication channel, or it’s connectivity status at each moment

Are communications secure among organizations?


Each organization is logically separated within the internal coding of the platform. We have been specially careful in keeping things private, from devices and messages to users.

Does OpenGate have drag and drop tools to create applications?


We are only providing APIs to do some hardcore integration. We are focused to big-sized solutions where business tools already exist, and with the use of our APIs integration with devices is straight-forward. In any case, we have this feature in our wish list, so maybe some day we will launch it.

How do I communicate with a device?

Follow these steps:

  1. Check the protocol your device uses with its specs
  2. Take care of having opengate))) have a Protocol Connector for it. Either we have it, or we have to create it
  3. Use opengate)))’s web portal to access it’s management features
  4. Use our Device Gateway APIs to access it business information
Does OpenGate include embedded software?


Nevertheless, we have a “reference agent” that you may use for your linux (c++) or java environment to create your own embedded software. It’s not a must to use this agent, it’s just a help.

What kind of devices are compatible?

Any kind of M2M device (routers, modems, sensors….) to which opengate))) can communicate with in order to get information (of the management kind like serial numbers, status….)

Communication can be from a standard TCP/IP protocol, or via some commands via telnet.

Do I need to adapt my firmware?

No, you don’t. Just create a server-side protocol connector.