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Electrical outlets in residential areas

Use case description:

Electrical outlets in residential areas

DOMOCELL focuses within the world of the electric vehicle, to the study of electricity networks in residential areas in large and mid-sized cities. At present, there are no public charging points, and residential buildings in the garages do not have electrical outlets so that residents can charge vehicles.
It is expected a major boom in the electric vehicle use, so various forums have raised the need to study the National grid, in order to get the network dimensioning to meet new electricity demand forecast, pricing policies, infrastructure drawbacks, and regulatory issues.

The project’s objective is to develop an integral platform to recharge electric vehicles, allowing easy installations in car parking communities, and encourage users to change the petrol-run vehicles with electric vehicles thanks to an easy to use charging system. The project has the following basic objectives:

  • Identification of each vehicle and user access the network.
  • Calculate the amount of energy consumed.
  • Store the dates and times when connections and refills occur.
  • Allow easy deployment of connection to the electrical infrastructure.
  • Transmit the consumption data of each vehicle allowing power companies to read from the vehicle instead of the counter.
  • Detect fraud attempts and control them via power outages, and generate alerts using alarms.

The system can improve network efficiency, as it includes a load planning module and taking care of management demand depending on economic and physical constraints received by the electrical companies. Electric cars can be used too as distributed storage systems of the surplus of electricity, so this electricity can be distributed at different prices, matching with the users’ consumption valleys.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan, with file number TSI-020100-2009-849.


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