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Mining industry digitization thanks to OpenGate IoT Platform

Digital Transformation of mining exploitation in Chile.

OpenGate as a tool for managing and remote real-time data analysing for Grupo Minero Las Cenizas (Chile).

Machinery monitoring and extraction systems

Collection of storage, work and material processing data for subsequent analysis

Rules for correction and automatic processes adjustment

Anomalous situations detection and real-time alerts

Use case description:

Mining industry in Chile is an strategic sector. It represents 10% GDP and  covers 30% national foreign investment. This sector is concentrated in large corporations and is supported by a significant participation of small / medium mining company with a huge dynamism: more than 15,000 new concessions per year (according to Anuario de la Mineria en Chile 2017, SERNAGEOMIN).

Oppotunities for improving productivity and efficiency of mining exploitations through Digitization are enormous. Amplía))), in conjunction with Invexa, has developed a project for the Grupo Minero las Cenizas to equip them with a real-time analysis tool of the main stages of mining process. Thus, some processes like Chancado, Molienda, Espesado,… will be monitorized through IIoT systems allowing to easily get data in the cloud, such as tons of ore processed, mill power, water level, foaming height, etc. Through OpenGate IoT Platform, they may act instantly by programming actions in case of any of the parameters exceed the established thresholds.

But, not only the mining process will be reinforced, but we also open opportunities in machinery plotting within the site, staff health monitorization and to guarantee the safety of the crews or improve energy efficiency, among others.

Sector’s problems:

The fostering of renewable energies, energy efficiency and industry digitization mean a special challenge for minning sector. It has to provide service and increase its productivity to obtain the necessary materials demanded by the world in evolution, while undergoing its own digital transformation.

Raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, copper and other rare minerals, are essential in the manufacture of necessary elements in electric cars, solar panels, sensors, electric components, etc., so their demand has grown. United States or China have even defined these and other elements within their set of essential raw materials in their respective countries, and determined minimum quantities of such material as a minimum reserve.

Amplía’s vision:

All these mean that, a sector like mining where raw materials are finite, needs to maximize the effectiveness of its processes, in addition to optimize their energy and fresh water consumption, while minimizing the environmental impact and maximizing the relationship between productivity and costs. On the other hand, new customers, many of whom were born in the digital era where immediacy is a determining factor, demand it to the mining sector. These needs can be achieved with the application of the IoT technologies and digitalization advantages, and from amplía))), we believe it’s possible and decisive for the future of the sector.

Finally, it’s important to highlight the purpose: to find an efficient way to sensorize, monitor and collect all the necessary data to measure and evaluate the effectiveness and productivity of mining processes, at the same time that it meets the requirements to solve the problems that mining sector has. By the other hand, is needed to take advantage of the analysis and prediction capabilities, as well as the automation tools of an IoT platform such as OpenGate, to offer the mining sector an advanced management service that optimizes processes and saves costs, while it reduces environmental impact.

Another use cases:

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