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Loss of profit’s reduction in the industrial logistic

Asset Tracking, location and recovery 

Thanks to OGTrack, the Amplía’s tracking solution, an industrial logistics company has been able to control the assets management, its location and verify its immediate return to reduce the loss of profit in the company

Global management of all asset data automatically collected and analyzed.

Real-time tracking and location of all assets

Improve the efficiency of asset management and reduce the impact of loss of profit

Situation supervision and monitoring of shipments to the final customer

Use case description:

A European company that offers logistics and transportation solutions had the need to control the metal boxes (cradles) used to ship motorcycles from the moment they left the factory to they were received and delivered to the dealerships in those metal boxes. The cost of cradles is high and they are not easy to trace. Also, on many occasions, dealerships do not know if they have them and where they are. This generates important distribution management problems, forcing them to have an oversized stock, causing delays in delivery times due to the lack of cradles and higher additional costs for the company, as well as creating discontent for customers. 

The primary objective of the company was the reduction of loss of profit, obtaining a precise location of the cradles with the aim of improving their shipping workflow and be able to always have cribs in the warehouse to be able to send new products.

To address this problem, we proposed them to carry out a pilot to track their metal boxes, or cradles, remotely and in real-time during the shipping process from the factory or distributor to the delivery to the customer or vendors. Through sensors that are placed in the metal boxes and with SDD communications, the OpenGate platform collects the information of these devices.

In this way, the stakeholders in this process, obtain the location of the assets in real time, whether or not they are associated with an order, know their status if they are in motion or stopped, where they are exactly and they are able to manage returnings with sellers and distributors in an agile process. Automated alarms have been generated to inform, for example, when a cradel has completed the shipment and stay more than a day stopped, in order to request its return.

Another need was that the monitoring system could be integrated with the company’s systems so that it would not be an isolated system and could be part of the internal processes, providing information to enrich them.

Among the benefits, they have obtained we want to highlight the minimization of loss of profit, the location of assets in real-time to know where they are and their status, the guarantee of delivery times to dealerships and sellers, and the reduction of losses and thefts of the metal boxes.

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