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Teleservices Supervision System for Endesa’s Electricity network

Centralized IoT, communications and process management automation for ENDESA

This project aims to homogenize, unify and automate all the processes of the electrical network in a transparent and remote way, as well as standardize the more than 45 services it offers to its customers. The company begins this industrial digitalization process with the aim of applying it to its entire installed plant, without growing disproportionately in the number of people that are part of the Endesa’s Communications Control Center department.

Complete, real and global inventory management

Increase the capacity of field deployments per day

Accelerate root cause analysis (RCA) of incidents that occur

Automatic and proactive detection of unwanted operating situations

Reduction of the Time to market to weeks of new projects

Use case description:

It is a highly complex project due to the enormous number of devices to be managed, as well as the great diversity of manufacturers, models and different protocols, supported by different communication technologies and by the different needs and requirements of the more than 45 teleservices supported.

As a result of the project, the following aspects has been achieved: drastically reducing time incident management to between 3 and 5 minutes, a drastic decrease in the number of field displacements for operators (most of them are displaced due to incident and this service outsourced to third parties) who previously know the reason for the failure, better manage the relationship with communication operators optimizing costs derived from connectivity and in general a significant cost reduction as a result of increased effectiveness in support and maintenance operations of infrastructure thanks to this IoT ATLAS – OpenGate platform.

A relevant fact is that in 2011 the electricity company managed 15,000 field services and in 2019 they are already above 159,000. In that same year, they had more than 282,000 devices remotely managed by a team of 15 people (if we did an exponential proportion exercise, 33 would have been needed).

In addition, a drastic reduction in the time to market of new projects has been achieved, which have gone from needing the deployment of a communications architecture planned and managed in months to being carried out in a few weeks.

The Endesa solution is based on the IoT platform OpenGate, a product developed by amplía))) together with a team of technical experts who have adapted to the specific needs of all the different business areas of Endesa.

This platform provides the project with valuable information in real time about what happens in the IoT infrastructure that supports the electricity distribution network. In addition, it allows knowing the status of the elements of this infrastructure (communications, devices, sensors, etc.), performing diagnostic operations, firmware updates, monitoring, and operating the connectivity elements depending on the SIM cards or operator to which it belongs. It has also a rules engine that allows you to automate tasks as well as the notification of anomalous or exceptional situations, perform unitary, massive operations at the moment or periodically scheduled periodically and create alarms when predefined conditions are matched, etc

We invite you to watch the video of this project in our Youtube channel (Click on the English subtitles)


Read the Pepe De Toro’s interview, Project Manager for Communications Control Center at Endesa (Enel Iberoamerica)

This project has been presented in the enerTIC Awards 2020 in September and it’s a finalist in the Smart Grid Category. It could be a winner if you vote for it! Read this article to see how to vote 

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