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You have many devices and want:

 – Improve operational work in the field

 – Easy to integrate business processes with devices

 – Capture information from scattered devices

You have a good product or service:

– Improve the product or service based on pervasive hardware

– Offer new product or service to customers

– Reduce operational and maintenance cost

Do you search for an IoT platfom and don’t find the one that helps you in your business process?

Are there loads of solutions and you don’t know which is the most appropiate for  your industry and company?

Don’t spend much more time wondering and worrying. We help you solve these issues and more with our IoT platform Opengate 7.

Optimize your time and investment. Increase your business with this IoT platform that allows you have multiple devices connected

Our clients face everyday:


Dealing with large number of devices and data


Unify the differences in manufacturers and protocols


Apply a proper asset management policy


Reduce human and economic costs for maintenance


Adopt an open, integrable and scalable architecture

Does it happen to you? Do you feel these issues appear in your company?
Time to solve it.

Integrate an IoT platform in your processes to reduce time, cost and increase your return on investment in your company.

What we do at amplía)))

  • We know the issues and the solutions

  • We get ready a platform with direct functionalities

  • We adapt to specific needs

  • We integrate the platform with the process

  • We analyse business processes and we adapt to them

How we help you

  • We analyze the operation of your business

  • We certificate your devices and protocols

  • We design process and integrations

How does OpenGate work?


Collect data


Store it


Infrastructure Management


Reporting and alarms management


Remote operation

We want to help you. We need you answer these questions. It takes only two minutes!