OpenGate is an IoT platform that will help you deliver data to your business processes, and control all the Internet of Things infrastructure, including sensors, assets, devices, sim cards and mobile and non mobile lines.

To do this OpenGate implements two main features:

Device Management

Focused on providing functions to manage large volumes of in field devices. the main blocks covered are



Allows managing IoT/M2M physical resources as devices (communication devices, machines, sensors, assets, etc.) and logical resources as communications lines (subscribers, subscriptions/lines)



Launch or Schedule individual or bulk operations, to diagnose or reboot, in a single command or a script-like batch

Software Upgrade


Create and manage your software bundles, and launch massive upgrade jobs controlling the real-time status



  • Pro-actively monitor the status of the IoT infrastructure, with standard and ad-hoc tests that keep control of each component

  • Allows managing raised alarms associated to inventory resources


Allows managing non structured information using the datastream paradigm that abstracts all information retrieved from devices, sensors and machines as independent "signals" that evolve through the time

Data Collection


Allows collecting information from devices using the datastream format

Data Searching


Provides a powerful & flexible engine for searching & retrieving collected information

Datastream Templates


Provides mechanism to organize the collected information adapting to any IoT scenario


As it is shown in the next figure OpenGate provides two APIs:


  • Applications API: Allows the backoffice applications as CRM, ERPs, SCADAS, other, integrating with IoT world to implement business that rely on in field devices

  • Devices API: Allows devices and assets integrating with the platform to provide information about its operation

Apart from REST based API, other types of device Connectors based on standards protocols are avaiable. Please find more information in the product site

North API basic services

The North API provide three main services that allows the applications integrator to use the features of the platform. They are showed in the next figure:


  • Provision Service: Allows to manage IoT/M2M resources inventory and all administrable resources provided by the platform.

  • Searching Service: Allows to retrieve all data managed by the platform using features as paging, filtering, sorting, etc. facilitating the handling of large amounts of information from devices, sensors, machines, etc. Through this API it can be walk through: Inventory resources, operations, alarms, datastreams (IoT), etc.

  • Operations Service: Allows the access to the operations engine and its scheduler to make easy performing remote operation (Diagnostics, Updating, other) of large amounts of devices, sensors and machines

South API basic services

The South API provide three main services that allows the device integrator to use the features of the platform. They are showed in the next figure:


  • Collection Service: Allows to collect DMM & IoT information from devices from sensors and machines

  • Event Service: Allows to provide device raised events.

  • Operations Service: Allows to implement the response to commands in the request, response, notifying message flows

Getting Started

OpenGate Applications API (North)

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OpenGate Devices API (South)

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