Use Cases

AMR platform

We integrated various metering software applications into a single vendor-independent web portal that allows the utility company, the second spanish electricity company, obtaining electric meter readings from ten of thousands of customers nation wide. Requirement...

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M2M Platform

We successfully helped two of the world's biggest mobile operators to integrate Opengate into their M2M services suite. Planning, preparation, and deployment of OpenGate software within operator's Core network. Integration of OpenGate Transactional with operator's...

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Electric Vehicles Monitoring

Electric Vehicles The Intelligent Platform Management of Electric Vehicles (GEMOVEL by its Spanish name) intends to be a solution that promotes the use of electric vehicles by providing added value services for users of such vehicles. Through GEMOVEL PROJECT seeks to...

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Personal Safety

SLIM is an international project within the framework of the Japan & Spain Innovation Program (JSIP) in collaboration with NEDO in Japan and CDTI in Spain. Its objective is to build a platform to enhance personnel safety at intermodal container terminals. SLIM...

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Container tracking

We provided proof-of-concept for en-route tracking of perishable goods containers under stressful roaming and coverage conditions, mixing short range communications in ZigBee with GPRS for tracking goods status. The test took place in a real cargo ship for a six month...

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Wildfire detection

We helped (the client) to manage and monitor wildfire prevention and rescue teams from a centralized service. This is one of the most interesting projects to date. We had to do lots of hardware integration and testing, consultancy and complex software design and...

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Diabetic Support

Using third-party glucometers and weights with Bluetooth, we helped patients with diabetes monitor themselves at home and doctors check that information in real time. With the M2M Healthcare project, we efficiently created a bridge between Bluetooth and GPRS into one...

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Energy Saving Platform

ENERsip intends to optimize energy demand, by coordinating consumption and generation The main of ENERsip project is to create an adaptive, customizable and service-oriented energy monitoring and control system by active and proactively coordinating energy,...

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Data Center Energy Saving

Smart Energy ECO-DC is a hardware-software energy efficiency platform of Data Processing Centers (DC), developing a comprehensive system of monitoring and intelligent control of temperature and humidity in wireless mode, interacting on refrigeration systems platform....

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