Improve business efficiency and reduce costs with IoT

OpenGate IoT Platform allows connecting industrial machines, sensors and devices with business processes

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OpenGate 8 – IoT Platform

Connect any device or machine, and improve business processes in an easy, customized way

ANALYZE your business

Check how your business
is performing using remote data

OpenGate gathers data from the different sensors and devices generating analytics and reports to check if your solution is performing as expected. There is a set of predefined OEE, KPIs and reports, and there is the ability to generate any specific to your business model.

Measure OEE with IoT

Efficiency, Performance and Quality for industrial environments

OpenGate calculates the standard OEE parameters for each machine or device, with periodic statistics to have a broader timely view. This information is sent from the devices to OpenGate, that will provide global and unified information of the running devices.

Even if OEE is an industrial parameter, it can be used to check the efficiency and performance of any remote object.

Global OEE reporting

Get a whole view of the performance of all the machines working globally. Simplify and operate from a single interface

Simple configuration

Apply a unique OEE configuration for each machine, and assign weights for each parameters to have customized OEE reports

CREATE and CUSTOMIZE your solution easily

Self-customize data analysis dashboards on the run, using our drag and drop interface, or build your application using our APIs


We provide a complete API for devices and for applications to allow you create and integrate any business process through any communication technology


We provide different visualization modes, for any kind of data available in the data model, in the form of widgets



New widgets will be added as new needs arise, so the options will be limitless (or nearly)


Improve business automation with IoT

Every data received is processed and analyzed. If it meets certain conditions we can actuate accordingly

Actions can be in the form of actuation against the device, notifications, device diagnosis, correlation

There is a set of predefined rules, and we can add any rule specific to your business

SECURE your IoT  infrastructure

Add security layers in your solution, in the devices, in the network and in the platform.

Avoid hacks and protect privacy.

Hierarchy and roles

Organize organizations, users and devices assigning them roles and privileges to keep data protected



Generate VPNs and apply access policy to each, guarantying access security and privacy


Generate and deploy certificates in order to have secure authentication, mutual if required


Device's Secure boot

Verify firmware and software signature with OpenGate support to Secure Boot

MANAGE your IoT solution

Configuration, remote updates, status alarms, diagnosis of any element in the solution

OpenGate will monitor the solution to allow a proper functioning of the business

Monitoring and acting over the infrastructure includes sensors, communication devices, network element and third party carriers

Acting includes sending operations, diagnosis, and configurations

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