We help industrial companies move to the Internet of Things

Use OpenGate to develop, deploy and manage your solution

designed for large scale, critical environments

ready to integrate with your business processes. 

Watch the video to see how.

Lines, Devices and Assets integrated and correlated into a single business platform 



Integrate your corporate solution with your devices using our APIs, IoT platform and Protocol Connectors



Control the deployment with device discovery, automated inventory and device commissioning



Monitor status of your devices, schedule operations, acquire quality reporting

Easy to integrate with your systems, scalable and multi- vertical IoT Platform

OpenGate simplifies the integration between devices and processes

  • Dealing with large amount of devices and data
  • Unifying the variety of manufacturers and protocols
  • Adopting a complete asset management policy
  • Implementing security policies at the device, network and datacenter levels
  • Improving process productivity and reducing maintenance cost

OpenGate IoT Solutions


Device Management

Use device connection through different protocols in order to control the deployed inventory, operate, perform software update operations, and monitor the status of each device, correlating how it affects the business.

Business Intelligence

OpenGate simultaneously collects the inventory and status of the lines from different carriers, MNOs, MVNOs, fixed, or proprietary.

Data collector and BigData

OpenGate provides multiples functions (to manage message transactions, file transfers, organization support, etc.) to enable communications between devices and backoffice applications.

Security Framework

Secure your IoT solution and business with OpenGate, adding functions to prevent unauthorized accesses, spoofing, fraud…



We are member of the Industrial Internet Consortium to share our knowledge, experience and ideas with other leaders companies in innovation and technology.

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We will be exhibiting the new version of OpenGate, our IoT platform at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany from 14th to 16th march. Come and visit us at the pavilion 4, 4-670 to see how to secure, locate, manage and monitor your devices in an easy way.

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