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OpenGate IoT Platform

Powerful tools in a secure and escalable IoT solution


Powerful, secure and scalable IoT platform

OpenGate IoT Platform allows you to obtain general status and performance of all your devices, machines and other items worldwide through a friendly and centralized administration web console.

Connect and manage devices, assets, machines and improve your processes

Intelligent data collection, processing and analysis

Collect, normalize and process all your data to extract critical information

Devices management and massive operations

Hardware, software and connectivity error detection.

Connectivity and manufacturer agnostic

You can integrate any device smoothly

Security and high availability

From tens to millions of devices in a secure IoT platform

OpenGate in the IoT value chain

OpenGate IoT Platform collects data from different sensors and devices to generate customized reports that evaluate whether your solution works as expected

Sensors, devices and assets

Sensors are responsible for measuring the necessary information such as temperature, movement or battery level. A device stores the information of one or more sensors to be sent and also, sometimes, can be managed remotely. An asset is any physical element that can be monitored, thanks to one or more devices, such as a person, a machine or a building.

From amplia))) we have always desired OpenGate to be a universal IoT platform and that is why it has been built to allow the integration of any device, thanks to the datamodeling tools and the development of custom connectors for any communication protocol.

Gateways and OpenGate Device Edge Agent (ODA)

The gateway is usually the middleware for communication between devices and any IoT platform. A dedicated gateway is not always necessary, since the devices themselves can have a communications module to communicate directly.

However, in cases where a gateway is part of the solution’s architecture, it can perform many other tasks than just act as simple router of information. Here is the Edge Computing and its advantages for the IoT world. From amplia))), as part of our continuous product evolution strategy, we have developed our own agent, OpenGate Device Edge Agent (ODA), installable in many models of market gateways and configurable thanks to the OSGi architecture that we have used in its approach.

Sending and receiving information

OpenGate IoT Platform supports multiple communication protocols and is able to integrate new ones if necessary. We support the most used communication protocols in the IoT world such as MQTT, CoAP, HTTP … as well as, we can actively monitor and manage the communications layer.

OpenGate IoT Platform has specific tools for the management of SIM, data lines and other subscriptions in a centralized manner and thus, the management and cost of communications is controlled, which in some cases, is decisive for the viability of the business.

Collecting your information to be procesed and analysed: OpenGate

OpenGate IoT Platform is the main component where information is collected from all devices and where the owner of the information can access to view and work with it. It allows the unification, remote management and real-time control of assets and devices, erasing the complexity related to protocols and communications.

It provides capabilities such as: Business Intelligence, data enrichment, normalization, operations planning, automation, rules, alarms, ticketing system …

In this way, OpenGate offers a series of advantages that allow enriching and giving value to information, offering the result to your customers as an added value. On the other hand, saving maintenance costs avoiding unnecessary travel is also possible, optimizing revenues and reducing costs.

Optimizing your business processes

Thanks to the north API of our web application, OpenGate Web Console, a complete integration between third-party services and other systems of your business is possible to optimize the use of resources and the logic of your processes.

In addition, you can seamlessly integrate the OpenGate IoT platform as part of your commercial tools because, if you wish, the Look & Feel interface is fully customizable according to the identity of your brand.

Opengate highlights

On-premise or SaaS

Scalable from tens to millions of devices

Powerful APIs

Automated actions rules engine



Multi-tenancy and sub-tenancy

Data collection, processing and analysing

Powerful web console

Connectivity agnostic

Microservices Architecture

How OpenGate IoT Platform works

With IoT value chain as a reference to explain the architecture, we organized OpenGate in the following parts.

Connect your devices and assets

The OpenGate Connector Factory allows you to easily collect data from any device. OpenGate IoT Platform already has a multitude of integrated devices and allows you to integrate your own communication protocols. Also, if you don’t know how, we help you. On the other hand, thanks to OpenGate Device Edge Agent (ODA) you can enjoy the advantages of edge computing as part of the architecture of your solution based on the OpenGate IoT platform.

The core of our IoT platform

The set of all our powerful tools and functionalities for the collection, processing and analysing of information. They allow you to build any customized, scalable and secure IoT solution.

Dynamic and flexible datamodel

Thanks to our “datamodels” platform administrators may reorganize and define the collected information from the managed devices without code.

Advanced processing engines

Manage millions of devices remotely and analyze your information in real time to make value decisions proactively.

Schedule operations


Automated rules

Data enrichment

Execute operations


Third parties

Big data

OpenGate web console

Customized multi-device web application

Access our management tool from any device. OpenGate Web Console can be customized to fit the look & feel of your business and integrate with your systems, to be part of your business logic.

Take advantage of all your information from different customizable workspaces and organize your views easily and efficiently, without developing.

Multi-user architecture

OpenGate is a completely “multitenant” platform which supports the organizational requirements of any company, enabling the definition of hierarchies, roles, users, views and resources segmentation that facilitate personalized access to different departments or organizations.

Powerful North API

It’s possible to integrate OpenGate IoT platform with your systems or third-party services thanks to our strong and secure North API, just as it also allows you to extend its functionality or develop custom components.

Build your own IoT solution in minutes: Start with one of the OpenGate IoT Platform based products

OpenGate IoT Platform is the set of all our features available to build any type of Internet of Things project, which we have condensed into the following preconfigured products to help create your own IoT solution

OpenGate SIM Management

Centralized full SIM management in Multi-Operator environments

OpenGate Device Management

Provision and manage the whole life-cycle of your IoT devices

OpenGate IoT Business Suite

Build any vertical IoT solution for your business

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Our IoT platform has been designed to meet your specific requirements

Configuration, remote updates, status alarms, diagnosis of any element in the solution and much more. OpenGate IoT Platform will manage your solution to ensure the proper workflow of your business.

Monitoring and action tasks are possible in all the elements of your solution: sensors and devices, communication devices, network elements, sending operations, diagnostics and configurations.

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