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We work with strategic partners to expand together into the IoT market. We are looking for partners like System integrators, Communication Service Providers, device manufacturers, software developers and service providers which want to drive the grownth of the Internet of Things technology, make the investment on innovation and are committed to people.

Technology partners

Diode is a major player in IT distribution, highly specialized in the Mobility & Communications market

Diode is a major player in IT distribution since 1975 for the Spanish Market, and highly specialized in the Mobility & Communications market. Their customers have accomplished a number of successful IoT projects in vertical markets as Retail, Hospitality, Logistics & Transportation, Utilities, Government, Healthcare & Education.

SIDE is specialized in Industry Automation and distributor of HMS products

SIDE is a strategic partner who allows industrial companies automating and improving their processes, guiding them in the complex world of the technology. As the main distributor of eWon in Spain, SIDE is a reference in this market.

The collaboration between eWon, Side, and Amplía with its OpenGate Platform, offer industries a complete tool for managing remotely their manufacturing processes and obtaining all the business intelligence information.

Sigfox is the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things

Sigfox is the world’s leading provider of connectivity for the Internet of Things. It has built a global network to connect billions of devices to the Internet while consuming as little energy as possible, as simply as possible. Sigfox’s unique approach to device-to-cloud communications addresses the three greatest barriers to global IoT adoption: cost, energy consumption, and global scalability. Today, the network is present in 29 countries and on track to cover 60 by 2018 (471million people). With millions of objects connected and a rapidly growing partner ecosystem, Sigfox empowers companies to move their business model towards more digital services.

Metscale is a complete, secure IoT solution for energy efficiency and remote metering

MetScale is a secure complete IoT end-to-end cloud solution for remote metering, specially designed to collect automatically electrical measures and help you improve your Energy Efficiency through the visualization of power consumption, signal quality and threshold alerts on your Web browser. In addition and thanks to its super easy RESTful API, MetScale enables a smooth integration of third party tools to fit with business needs of data ingestion and reporting.

Wolopay is a complete payment platform that enables amplía))) to monetize the IoT

Together with the amount of IoT devices, the services surrounding them are growing, impulsed by companies that are creating end-user services. These services will surely not be provided free of cost, so together with the Internet of Things solution, service providers will require a complete payment system to automate and manage customers, subscriptions, payments and service status.

We are looking for partners that are compatible with us in the IoT ecosystem. Let's approach the market together.


eWON manufactures industrial routers to connect machines establishing a VPN connection

eWON is specialized in machines to connect internet through its industrial routers, easily establishing a VPN connection between user and programmable PLC for remote maintenance and data management. OpenGate, our IoT platform, enables integrated management of all devices deployed in the field and data analysis and processing to improve productivity and reduce operational costs for industries. This collaboration is a perfect link between IT and OT for the industry 4.0 thanks to the ability to collect devices and sensors data, schedule commands over devices, generating alerts by SMS / email, html, scada integrated and more. eWON is part of HMS Group, the world leader in industrial communications.

Inael, leaders in the energy sector in half and high voltage

Inael Electrical Systems is a company specialized in developing and innovating in the manufacture and distribution of electrical material for medium and high voltage. With the integration of OpenGate IoT platform to Inael solution and the incorporation of temperature sensors into the sectionalisers, they can determine the operation of the different assets in the medium-voltage electric distribution networks. This would show what errors occurred and where, at what temperature and frequency, and allow for obtaining historical data to inform future business decisions.

Libelium designs and manufactures hardware for wireless sensor networks and a complete SDK

Libelium designs and manufactures hardware for wireless sensor networks and a complete software development kit (SDK) so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market. Waspmote—Libelium’s wireless sensor platform—is modular and ready to integrate with our IoT Cloud Device Management to offer their clients the possibility to locate their devices in field, automate the inventory, know the life cycle of each device, establish alerts and obtain report with the data.

Owasys manufactes high grade industrial IoT devices with several interface options

Owasys is a Spanish company, with international scope, manufacturing high grade industrial IoT devices. These devices are multi purpose, with several configuration options in the IO functions, from Ethernet to Buscan. amplía))) has collaborated with Owasys since 2004 integrating our products different verticals for several customers in the logistic, industrial, energy and security sectors.

Elite Group creates multipurpose, configurable IoT hardware

Elite Group creates multipurpose, configurable IoT hardware, adaptable to many vertical scenarios. With OpenGate they provide added value to their customers like a potential audience, the behavior of the audience, predictions on operation level, operation status, etc. by simplifying the integration and maintenance tasks.

Antalis Things manufactures IoT devices to provide the maximum quality at a low price

Antalis Things designs and manufactures IoT devices to provide the maximum quality at a low price. They have a line of standard devices together with R&D capabilities, to design and build devices solutions that optimize the value to the customer. With full access to all the remote elements along the Antalis Things network, the combined solution allows for remote configuration, supervision, data acquisition and remote operation.

Contact us if you are a hardware manufacturer and you want to certify your devices with our IoT platform. Together we can bundle an out-of-the-box solution


UST Global is an IT consultancy company with presenc ein more than 100 countries

As the Internet of Things penetrates in nearly every aspect of companies, cities and people’s life, it is becoming increasingly important to solve many critical needs. From IT solutions to business workflows, the high demand on secure, reliable and scalable application require System Integrators to adapt and specialize to the IoT ecosystem.

Let's partner in IoT projects. We collaborate in the project execution with our skilled team

What they say about us

We select amplía))) as a partner for their experience in managing a huge amount of M2M devices that we can apply to LPWA devices developed by Adevice.

With amplía))) IoT platform OpenGate to manage and monitor devices, we have achieved the management of all our devices in a single tool.

The integration phase we have gradually made following the recommendations of the technical team and has been very easy thanks to the extensive documentation available.

OpenGate allows us to control all our devices deployed in the field to perform the tasks of management and maintenance remotely. Therefore, it allows collecting data related to our customers business. In addition, OpenGate has the capacity to adapt to any data. For that reason, It was very easy to include any parameters that we use with our Urbin devices.

Daniel Villalba Mota

Commercial Delegate, Adevice

My first experience with Amplía platform was a little bit chaos, lots of concepts surrounding my head and lots of documentation. But when you start to understand the concepts and start to work with it, you will easily realize that every part of it was designed carefully. Every piece fits once you start to read all the examples included on their documentation.

I’m not going to lie, the platform is huge and complex but this makes it flexible. Integrate their platform is quite easy once you understand a couple of main concepts. It takes me approximately 1 week to have completely integrated the platform into our system with a little help on their side (just a few appointments).

Victor Diéguez Alonso

Systems Engineer, Elite Group

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