amplía))) participates in 'SecBluRed', a new project for a holistic approach to cybersecurity in Industrial IoT

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amplía))) participates in 'SecBluRed', a new project for a holistic approach to cybersecurity in Industrial IoT

The Innovation team of amplía))) participates, along with a set of companies and Public Research Bodies from the sector, in a new project funded by the CDTI. SecBluRed is the name of this project focused on the realm of cybersecurity in the Internet of Things. In this case, it’s about a holistic approach to cybersecurity in Industrial IoT.

Last November 2022, amplía))) started a new national project funded by CDTI, named ‘SecBluRed: Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity in Industrial IoT (IIoT)’.

Objectives of the SecBluRed cybersecurity project

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To identify HW/SW architecture components with innovative functions in the realm of cybersecurity, which should be incorporated into IIoT systems to face new scenarios and cybersecurity challenges in the coming years.
  • To analyze and design new innovative cyberdefense mechanisms in IoT industrial networks that can be incorporated both in new and already deployed systems.
  • To recognize modern cyberattacks to demonstrate the strength of the proposed mechanisms for secure system development and cyberdefense, which will allow contrasting the conducted research.

The SecBluRed consortium is initially formed by a set of Spanish companies and Public Research Bodies. MTP, as the leader of the consortium. LAUDE CANARIAS and OPEN CANARIAS, located in the Canary Islands, TSK located in Asturias, and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC with its head office in Barcelona and presence throughout the national territory, and our company amplía))), as well as GRADIANT as our particular collaborator.

The ‘SecBluRed’ project seeks to promote and boost the Spanish industry in the industrial revolution of the 21st century. This project is planned with a horizontal character across the entire primary sector industry (manufacturing, energy, transportation, oil, chemicals, …), with the aim of being a facilitator to achieve higher levels of automation, process optimization, and their traceability.

Responding to the demand for secure IoT solutions for the industry

From amplía))), we want to take advantage of this project to continue improving the development and design of our Opengate IoT platform as part of our development framework, with a series of standard artifacts and components, which allows its customers to obtain an optimal starting point in terms of the security of the IIoT solutions based on our product, with the ability to face the present and future challenges that new technologies and high performance of the latest generation devices and networks pose in relation to cybersecurity.

With a significant roadmap of client projects, innovative projects in the field of IoT security and other market sectors, as well as the marketing of version 12 of the OpenGate platform with many and interesting novelties, we expect that this upcoming 2024 will be another year in the consolidation of amplía))) as a main player in the world of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

SecBluRed is a project co-funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) through the Misiones 2022 call (resolution of June 16, 2022, of the Presidency of the CDTI).

You can follow the progress and the latest news of the SecBluRed project through social networks and the website of amplía))), as well as visit the project page on the MTP website. Very soon, we will bring you news of the project and our participation in it.

The innovation team of amplía))).