amplía))) celebrates its 20th anniversary surpassing 21 million monitored devices

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amplía))) celebrates its 20th anniversary surpassing 21 million monitored devices

The arrival of 2023 means to amplía))) the fulfillment of its 20th anniversary as a consolidated company in the world of IIoT digital transformation.

With a relevant network of clients and a presence on several continents, the company’s activity has grown across different market sectors such as:

  • Energy / Utilities / Renewables
  • Industry
  • Railway
  • Building
  • Telecommunications

By using our IIoT OpenGate platform, we have exceeded 21 million devices managed in real time over the past year, with application to several use cases such as Smart Metering, Device Management, IoT communications monitoring, IoT Geolocation, etc.

From a product perspective, the experience over these 20 years has enabled us to reinforce all our knowledge in OpenGate 11 version, adding new functions such as:

  • Saas / Onpremise: different implementation models to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients: public or dedicated SaaS for a client, Onpremise in the cloud or into the client’s own infrastructure.
  • Multitenant/Subtenant: to adapt to the complexities of large organizations with support for different roles and their associated management scopes.
  • Multiprotocol: Ready to support and unify information from a large diversity of protocols, equipment models, existing manufacturers in any IoT scenario, including the ability to incorporate proprietary protocols and multiple versions.
  • Flexibility: great adaptability and configurability. Giving support to the specificities of any IoT scenario, with the ability to be configured and scripted from the console.
  • IA: Advanced analytical engines including in-stream processing mechanisms and Artificial Intelligence models.
  • IoT Operation: Powerful on-demand and planned Operations engine that enables bi-directionality of the platform with the IoT devices and systems involved.

With an important roadmap of customer plans, innovative projects in IoT security and other market segments, as well as the commercialization of OpenGate 12 with many interesting new features, we look forward to making 2023 another year in the consolidation of the company as a main player in the world of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).