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OpenGate IoT Business Suite

Build any vertical IoT solution for your business

Fast building & deployment of new


OpenGate IoT Business Suite is an Opengate-based solution which includes a basic configuration of all necessary tools for business data mining and analysis, in a fast and easy way. The aim is to build a vertical in the shortest possible time and with a minimum of effort.

Change the complexity of your data lake in valuable information for your business

With OpenGate Business IoT Suite, you will have the basic elements for the daily work with your IoT-based solution, by accessing a pre-defined toolkit for your needs

Configure your business model

Translate directly the needs of your business into IoT world without writing a single line of code

Evaluate your business monetization

Set rules, reports and processes to measure and control the full profitability of your business

Integration with IT management

Create custom tools with precise information that all your departments need

Measure results in real-time

Configure dashboards to evaluate and simulate the status of your solution and make decisions proactively

Have any doubts about how to apply the benefits of OpenGate IoT Business Suite to your business? Just ask us!

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