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Amplía finalist in the enerTIC Awards 2020

We are happy to announce that our projects “Automatic Supervision in Smart Grid” and “Connected Construction & Workers Connected (IoT System for the efficient management in Industrial Construction)” are finalists in the Smart Grid and Intelligent Infrastructures Category respectively, of the enerTIC Awards 2020, that


Chances of the eSIMs use in IoT deployments

The eSIMs are a reality in the IoT market that bring new chances for optimizing processes and operative costs. They allow the independence of the operator but their use require tools of management (SIM Management) that rise to the occasion of the expectations in the


Applied Technology for Sanitary Control Measures

The worldwide health crisis caused by Covid-19 has alerted administrations and the population to some risks that, although not anything new, had seemed forgotten. A long period without global pandemics and with major health, social and technological advances, seemed to have immunized citizens, believing that


A smart monitoring system reduces occupational accidents

You can already read the article Podéis leer el artículo “A smart monitoring system reduces the occupational accidents and improves the efficiency in the construction” published in the platform enerTIC website available in Spanish in this link and we copy the entire article below. This


IoT for Smart Prefabricated Substation

In March, the Spanish magazine Revista Energética has published the article “IoT Technology to provide the intelligence to the prefabricated substation, improve its maintenance in real-time and guarantee the quality of the network” written by Lourdes Martínez, Communication and Marketing at amplía))). Click here to


Report IoT Platforms and Software references Amplía

The research and analysis company Berg Insight published the report IoT Platforms and Software- 4th edition in October which references amplía))) as the only Spanish IoT Platform Vendor with strong capabilities in Device Management. This study covers consumers, companies, government and types of devices that

Are you ready for IoT Operations?

IoT brings huge opportunities for digital transformation for companies on a wide variety of markets and sectors, from utilities to agriculture, from industrial to mining. Wherever IoT adoption brings value to those companies we find the same challenge: IoT infrastructure demands operation excellency. Once a